I help people over 40 get strong for life

Personalized nutrition coaching and strength training for people over 40

Hi, I'm Hugo

I am on a MISSION to help and empower people over 40 transform their bodies by getting lean without unsustainable diets and building muscle through the amazing power of kettlebell training.This mission is PERSONAL, because I truly believe that if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO.

1:1 Coaching

I offer personalized 1:1 online nutrition coaching and kettlebell training through my program, The Transcend Protocol.


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Ready To Transcend?

An individual and custom nutrition, kettlebell training and lifestyle program for people who are ready to finally lose the stubborn weight and get strong for lifeThe Transcend Protocol is NOT another quick-fix diet or random strength training program.This is NOT only learning and implementing eating and training principles.We go beyond that.You'll also learn the mindset and habits to empower you build momentum and make them part of your lifestyle.This is a transformational experience for your body, mind and life.This is going beyond what you thought was possible.THIS IS TRANSCENDING 🚀

What You'll Experience

1.- Weekly custom nutrition coaching:we'll make sure that you are eating enough to fuel your body, and also the proper ratio of macronutrients that will help your body feel ready to start losing the unwanted fat.2.- Weekly custom kettlebell coaching: you will learn the principles to safely work with this amazing tool. We'll go from the "basics" to more advanced movements. You will also get weekly feedback on technique as well as advice on several topics that will make you have a unique experience.3.- Constant monitoring of the stressors in your life: factors such as sleep quality, stress , daily activity and hydration play a huge role in fat loss. I will make specific recommendations throughout the program to tweak or implement better habits in these areas.4.- Weekly individual coaching check-ins: (via email) to keep track of your progress, provide guidance, troubleshoot if needed and answer any question you may have5.- 1:1 Zoom check-in calls: (every 2 weeks) with Hugo to review progress and ask questions6.- Unlimited support and communication with Hugo: whether that is to ask questions, celebrate wins or to build accountability, I'm only a message away.7.- Exclusive Resources: templates, cheat sheets and guides that will help you navigate your journey successfully during our time working together, and beyond.

The Transcend Protocol Difference

1.- It will empower you: You will learn methods, principles and practices that will not only help you get to your goals in a sustainable way but that you can use for the rest of your life. Education is power.2.- First Hand Experience: I’ve been in your shoes before. I know how it feels. The frustration. The lack of seeing results. But guess what? This time you will follow a proven successful roadmap and learn through my own experience, so you won’t have to figure out things by yourself3.- 100% committed to your success: I'm ALL IN! Because my success is your success. We will work together hand in hand as team. You are not by yourself anymore

What's Next?

Let's schedule a 30-minute FREE assessment to talk about your goals and whether this program is the right fit for you.Looking forward to chatting with you.Hugo



"Let’s be frank here: I am an average American mom - 2 kids, full time job, husband, 2 cats, and a house in the suburbs.I run for mental clarity, general fitness and, honestly, time alone (nice, right?).I have struggled with what I would call “Normal Weight Issues” for a long time; I have always been over the number on the scale that was recommended to me by doctors and weight loss apps, but not obese, and just generally bigger than I wanted to be.The gist: I had never really found a way to eat well, eat enough without overeating, AND see a healthy size and shape in my body. I swear there is not a setting in my brain that says, “Stop eating now; you are full.”I have tried a lot of things to lose weight and they worked, but then the weight would come back because these things just were not sustainable for me.The 21 day fix was AWESOME - at first. But the limited list of foods and 7 workouts a week was legitimately draining me.As soon as I veered away from the list of “approved foods” I gained all of the weight back - even with the 7 workouts a week.Weight Watchers worked WONDERS for me - again, at first. I would lose weight, get close to my goal and then just plateau.Intermittent fasting promised I could eat anything I wanted between the hours of 11am and 9pm and I would reset my body and see results. Again, nothing happened.I would just EAT. I needed some structure and I needed something sustainable that worked WITH my life instead of RULING my life.Enter Hugo.With Hugo, I have learned that:Protein is an important element in my weight loss and overall health and wellness journey (protein shakes really can be delicious!!). It also helps me with my jogging and running and momming.I learned that carbs are NOT my enemy - but I need to make smart choices.I learned that the day to day weight changes are normal and if I want to REALLY see the progress I need to look at week over week averages.I learned that even if the scale doesn’t move much over a week or two, my body is enjoying eating better and I am moving better than I have in a long time.I am back into pants that have not fit in years (yup, I hung on to them just hoping that one day they would fit and STILL be in style haha).I am more confident in my body than I have been in a long time.I am no longer eating when I am bored, or just having seconds because everyone else is. I feel full now.I plan my day’s meals more than I have before.These are LIFE changes, not a fad diet."


For several years I tried to reach my ideal weight, 175 lbs., unsuccessfully.I mostly focused on intense physical activity; I ran several ½ marathons but no matter how hard I trained, my weight never went below 185 lbs.During the pandemic, I gained weight, reaching 195 lbs., which was the heaviest I have ever been; my cholesterol level went through the roof, and I got tired after doing simple activities; so, I decided to get in shape on my own by doing the usual stuff, running a lot. It didn’t work out that well, I lost some weight but got injured so many times that I spent most of the time recovering from leg injuries and the weight lost came back immediately.At this point, I contacted Hugo, who offered me the 3-month Transcend Protocol Nutrition program.This program is comprehensive and easy to follow.I can summarize it as eating the right foods in the right quantity, combined with suitable physical activity.We had check-ins every week to make sure I was on the right track to reach my goal of 175 lbs. Hugo recommended some adjustments to my diet and/or exercise levels.After 4 months, I exceeded my goal by almost 2 pounds! I couldn’t be happier!To accomplish that I didn’t have to run at all, not even a 5K, or buying any special food supplements, just adjusting what I normally eat and slightly changing my walking habits such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work.Now, I feel great, I went from L to M size in shirts, my pants used to be 32, now they are loose, I will need to buy new ones.Even though I just finished the program, I plan to continue implementing the practices I learned for the rest of my life, it taught me to eat right.I highly recommend it. I never thought it was possible to weight 175 lbs. again and I ended at 173.6 lbs.


Jenn is a current client and has lost more than 17 lbs in about 2 months.


Ever since I started working with Hugo, I have learned the importance of balance between calories and protein, carb, and fat intake. I have lost 10 pounds in the time I have been implementing his program.I haven’t been exercising strenuously, or starving myself, but simply paying closer attention to what I am putting in my body.I still eat potatoes, chocolate, chips, and other goodies in moderation, while making sure I am taking in more protein than carbs.It wasn’t my intention to lose weight when I started, but I was hoping to lose the fat under my chin and around my belly. And in just a little over a month, I have been able to do that without starving myself or killing myself in the gym.I am walking more, and doing some body weight exercises but nothing strenuous.Learning to pay attention to what I am eating, and how importance balance is in relation, has inspired me to give up some unhealthy habits and create healthier (mentally and physically) routines in
life in general.
Hugo has a great approach to coaching. He is very knowledgeable, and kind, and comes from a place of understanding, rather than judgement or harshness.I always thought I didn’t want to “lose too much weight and become too skinny”, but I now realize what my body type is and what it means to be fit and strong, and embracing it. I am excited to see how much more fat I can lose at this rate.




The Pandemic Hit Me Hard

I've always been very driven and achieved several goals such as completing multiple marathons and ironmans.But when Covid hit, I struggled with motivation, clarity and purpose. I felt stuck.I gained tons of weight. My energy was low. Stress went through the roof. I wanted to get back on track, but didn't know how to.One day I realized that staying stuck was simply not an option.I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. I started reading, meditating and learning ways to improve my mindset, habits and self-discipline.Then I decided to start working with a coach.The results that I experienced were life-changing.That's when I decided that it was time to launch my online coaching business to help other people help them achieve their goals without the struggles and sacrifices I faced.It was time for me to TRANSCEND.

If you are anything like me, you’ve been thinking and having a stronger sense of urgency to stay healthy and improve your wellness, not only for yourself, but for your loved ones too.You’ve been trying to lose weight by using several dieting approaches or cutting out entire food groups.And while you’ve probably lost some weight, my guess is that those approaches are not sustainable.You probably ended up gaining back all the weight you lost…probably even more.You are not alone. I know how that feels.The same with your training; maybe you are spending countless hours focusing just on cardio, hiit or following random exercises, but you still don’t see results. Besides, who has time to spend endless hours on this?Trying to balance work and family life is already hard.Eating the right foods or working out is not fun.It feels like another chore to your already never-ending to-do list.You don’t feel like your old self.You probably are wondering where the years went?You don’t feel as strong or vibrant as you used to be.You lack the energy you used to have. Stress is through the roof.But here is the good news…You CAN finally eliminate that stubborn fat and keep the weight off without having to diet again or depriving yourself from eating your favorite foods.You CAN build a body that feels strong and fit.You CAN get back that energy and vitality to spend more quality time with your loved ones.You CAN make improvements to your health and wellness that will carry you well into your 50s, 60s, and more.